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    Geographical Environment

    The Ribeira Sacra is a territory which extends between Ourense and Lugo and it is geographically defined by the passage of Miño and Sil rivers through the mountains, creating a beautiful and unique landscape. In this region, historically known for its spirituality, there is one of the largest concentrations of Romanesque constructions in Europe.

    In addition to this heritage, the Ribeira Sacra highlights the omnipresent nature. The landscape, generally formed by the native forest, is the protagonist of many routes and excursions. Forests, mountains, rivers and canyons in a landscape brimming with history and culture.

    To make a complete visit to the area we suggest to visit, besides Monforte de Lemos, the villages of Quiroga, Castro Caldelas, A Teixeira, Carballedo, Chantada, O Saviñao and Portomarín. There is plenty to explore and discover, it is an incredible and unforgettable place.



    In the Ribeira Sacra we can find old rehabilitated convents, churches in the inmensity of the landscape … The architectural heritage of the area is very broad and not indifferent to any visitor.

    As an example we can suggest a visit to the monastery of Santo Estevo, where Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance live together. Nor can we miss the monastery of Santa Cristina de Ribas de Sil, Santa Maria Ferreira de Panton, nor the mysterious monastery of San Pedro de las Rocas or roman road in Belesar.

    It deserves our attention the imposing building called Escorial de Galicia, Nosa Señora da Antiga. Art gallery with works by El Greco. The list would be endless. We would be able to counsel you at any moment. We must not forget one of the human activities that mark the landscape and character of the area. Amazing vineyards arranged in terraces on the steep slopes of the mountains are part of a unique landscape. We must not lose the opportunity to try the excellent local wines, worldwide recognized.




    The raw material of Galician cuisine is exceptional. It’s well known for Galician cow meat, fish, seafood, the amazing local potatoes… It’s easy to eat extremely well for a very affordable price (you’ll be surprised), although the sybaritic who is looking for haute cuisine will find it too.

    Do not miss the “pulpo (octopus) a feira”, Galician broth, Dzempanadasdz, Galician beef steaks, fish and seafood prepared in many ways and the amazing wine of the Ribeira Sacra.




    Ribeira Sacra provided wine to the most discerning palates of Rome. The Roman Empire soon discovered that the steep slopes of the Sil river produced special and unique grapes which produced excellent wines.

    The so-called heroic viticulture, with vineyards placed in impossible hillsides, where peasants had to go down to harvest  and then they had to shoulder charge the baskets up the hill.

    This has changed little in the way but much in the background. Prestigious winemakers have put wine of the Ribeira in the place of prestige it deserves in the world.



    The region offers visitors a multitude of activities that allow us to know the area in a different and original way.

    We can enjoy a catamaran ride through the canyons of the area, experiencing the landscape from a completely new point of view. River circuits through the canyons of Miño and Sil rivers are an essential experience. We emphasize the private service @quintasacra, a river route that includes a visit to the impressive waterfall of Augas Caidas (Fervenza de Augas Caidas) and exclusive Galician lunch for up to 10 diners served in a stone house on the riverside.

    If what you like is to walk, the forests of the area offer you a perfect place for long walks in the landscape solitude. Silence and nature will accompany us all the time.

    Also noteworthy is the experience of a walk between the vineyards, a sensory experience of the first order. The vines are arranged in steep terraces on the sunny sides of the river canyons. The atmosphere of the vineyard, the silence and the magical colors of the landscape will leave an indelible mark on us.

    A visit to the Castle of San Vicente and Jewish quarter of Monforte de Lemos, Burgo Medieval,will take us directly to the past.

    And not forgetting the beach at the pier of the Cabe river, full of life, and a handful of local cafes where take some coffee in the afternoon or mojitos in the evening.



    The area is very active in activities and fairs throughout the year.

    We highlight some:

    In Monforte de Lemos, Medieval Fair celebrated on Easter Saturday and Sunday. Also in Monforte highlights the European Jewish Culture Day during the first weekof September. In March is the Wine Fair.

    In Portomarín, Schnapps Fair, celebrated on Easter Day.

    In Quiroga, Honey Fair on 10 August and Wine Fair Saturday and Easter Sunday

    In Carballeido, “Caldeiro” Meat Party during the month of April. Besides there are numerous markets, fairs and weekly events and music festivals that dinamize the region.


    • Madres Clarisas Musem of Sacred Art
    • Escolapios Art Gallery with two works by El Greco
    • Sargadelos Gallery
    • Ribeira Sacra Wine
    • Center Railway Museum
    • Dollhouses Museum Elías Pottery, Gundivós Rectory ,