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The area is very active in activities and fairs throughout the year.

We highlight some:

In Monforte de Lemos, Medieval Fair celebrated on Easter Saturday and Sunday. Also in Monforte highlights the European Jewish Culture Day during the first weekof September. In March is the Wine Fair.

In Portomarín, Schnapps Fair, celebrated on Easter Day.

In Quiroga, Honey Fair on 10 August and Wine Fair Saturday and Easter Sunday

In Carballeido, “Caldeiro” Meat Party during the month of April. Besides there are numerous markets, fairs and weekly events and music festivals that dinamize the region.


  • Madres Clarisas Musem of Sacred Art
  • Escolapios Art Gallery with two works by El Greco
  • Sargadelos Gallery
  • Ribeira Sacra Wine
  • Center Railway Museum
  • Dollhouses Museum Elías Pottery, Gundivós Rectory ,  www.rectoraldegundivos.com

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